Garrett Hughes

Engineering @ Dune

Hi, I'm Garrett Hughes.

I'm currently based in Richmond, VA where I serve as a technical advisor for Webstacks, working with unicorns worldwide to master their martech stack, and Napster, working on web3 & music strategy.

Previously I was Head of Engineering at RabbitHole, building the team and tech from a cold start to help fix token distribution. Before that, I was co-founder/CTO of Mint Songs (acq by Napster), one of the earliest adopters of web3 music. And prior to that, I was one of the early engineers at Housecall Pro(🦄), where I helped lead martech, growth & internal tooling engineering.

Nowadays, I'm digging deep into blockchains, token distributions, smart contracts and web3 systems architecture. In my (limited) free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors through various mediums - hiking, overlanding, fly fishing, and cycling. You can see a lot of my travels on my my instagram here.